Consulting areas


We direct economic operators towards finding
and managing financial resources in line with the needs of the markets,
assisting companies in their relationships
with credit institutions.


Our consulting

The team deals with banking advisory such as follows:

  • Monitoring of bank ratings and study of the elements that influence ratings to optimize them;
  • Analysis and control of the Central Credit Register
  • Monitoring of the banking conditions applied
  • Calculation of the MCC rating (periodic verification of the access to the guarantee of the Central Fund)
  • Preparation of reports for the achievement of the set goals
  • Access to financing calls for startups and businesses.
  • Study, analysis and drafting of the Business Plan
Management of structured finance

The team deals with investment and financing choices:

  • Private Equity transactions with small and medium size investors.
  • Finding of structured finance on business projects.
  • Tailor made wealth management with primary Swiss and Italian institutions.