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The division of Studio DCA dedicated to this topic has a consolidated experience of over 25 years and offices based in different countries.
We are used to supporting companies and entrepreneurs in any issue related to internationalization.
Each choice is made in full compliance with the legislation of each involved country and in compliance with the requirements of the Company or the Economic Beneficiary.

The international area team
Our consulting

The team works alongside the Company or the Entrepreneur to choose the international path suitable for developing either the business or the individual:

Corporate aspect:

  • The opportunity and decision of setting up and opening a branch abroad according to the business needs such as representation, production, sales, joint ventures.
  • Analysis of the compliance of the instruments that can be used, such as a registered office, double taxation treaties, etc.
  • Analysis of the possible connected issues: foreign-investing, transfer pricing, etc. Assistance and coordination for multinational groups, both foreign ones with shareholdings in Italy, and Italian ones with shareholdings in the world: coordination and management of shareholdings in the world, consolidation of positions and corporate coordination.

Individual aspect:

  • Choice, implementation and operational management of the residence in different countries.
  • Structured management and coordination of assets.
  • Single-family offices and multi-family offices in different countries.