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Financial Times 1000: Europe’s fastest growing companies

European companies are still facing an economic slowdown due to the headwinds of the pandemic and Brexit.
According to the consulting firm Accenture, half of all European companies have experienced a decline in revenues or profits in the past 12 months and no improvement is expected in the next year.
The FT ranking provides a snapshot of Europe’s most promising businesses in the weeks before the COVID outburst. Their in-depth report to be released on 22nd March will assess if those strong companies have been able to cope with this challenging situation.
The FT 1000 lists the European companies that achieved the highest annual growth rate between 2016 and 2019.
The ranking confirms the growth achieved by technology companies, which dominate the industrial sector with 219 members.
For the first time, Italy is the country with the largest number of ranked companies (i.e. 269) followed by Germany and France.
London remains the city with the largest number of fast growing companies (71), followed by Paris (45) and Milan (36).

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6 May, 2021