The DCA Team

Massimiliano Gabbiani

After graduating in law in 1998 at the University of Florence, I had two years of legal practice at the Baroni, Natali Elmi and Vinattieri law firm in Prato and Pistoia, focusing from the beginning on civil law relevant to corporate issues.

After completing the qualification exam in the Florence district in 2001, I started collaborating with some professional firms that specialize in corporate and commercial law, getting more and more involved in the issues of insolvency and corporate recovery.

In 2003, I have founded the Baroncelli e Gabbiani law firm with offices in Prato and Turin, continuing to develop my skills to support the corporate management.

The law firm’s work involves three macro systems:

– having the role of risk manager in expanding and/or consolidating companies with the task of implementing and evaluating an integrated management of corporate risks that may have an influence on the strategic objectives set by management. The corporate risks include financial, operational, strategic, legal & compliance risks.

– taking the role of the company’s internal manager in the event of a crisis in order to evaluate the best exit strategies for protecting the entrepreneur’s personal assets

– supporting companies in their process of purchasing shareholdings in other companies and getting the role of internal guarantor in the transition of ownership and operational proxies.

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