The DCA Team

Stefania Allegro

Lawyer and TEP (Trust and Estate Practitioner). Her 20-year professional career includes:

  1. Specialized training
  • Specialization Master “Protection, transmission and management of family assets” from STEP “Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners – Advising Families Across Generation” which gathers international professionals
  • Viggiani Notary School (SNV) in Milan
  • Research Doctorate (Ph.D) in family and succession law (family agreements and trusts)
  1. Membership in associations for specialized professionals:
  • ONDIF section of Padua (National Observatory on Family Law)
  • AIDF (Italian Association for the Rights of Families)
  • STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners)
  • ISFL (International Society of Family Law)
  • EFL (European Association for Family and Succession Law)
  • ECLJ (European Center for Law and Justice)
  1. Scientific research activities and collaborations including the Research Project of Relevant National Interest (PRIN) in the context of Italian and European law for family law, succession and protection of family and business assets.

  2. Relations with international and European organizations including the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) in research and development projects for SMEs and AESI (European Association of International Studies).

  3. The participation, including as a speaker, in national and international conferences.

  4. Articles and publications in journals and treatises on family law and succession law.
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