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Management control


We assist companies in an ever-changing market by controlling cash flows and we support them in assessing the best strategies for defining medium and long-term plans.

Our consulting

The team supports Company Management in evaluating the best options for planning the future, providing advice in the following topics:

  • Change in the market structure deriving from macro trends (Demand, Technology, Regulations) and from the behavior of players (i.e. Competitors, Potential Entrants, alternative products/services, …)
  • Review of the business model and value proposition, also taking advantage of technological evolution
  • Growth options for external lines or vice versa; exiting from non-core business areas
  • Evaluation of margins by product, by production lines and by order
  • Review of the structure of industrial, logistic and/or commercial management
  • Alignment of the structure to the strategy by restructuring the processes
  • Management control and preparation of industrial plans as a governance tool for the new entrepreneurial generations based on the provisions of the Italian Stock Exchange.