Consulting areas


Our team supports companies in the management and administration of personnel with the aim of enhancing human resources, optimizing management costs, solving problems and governing the management dynamics of personnel, understanding the needs and requirements of the company by renewing procedures and processes and adopting new strategies. We believe that improving the performance of an organization cannot be separated from the careful management and motivation of Human Resources; we carry out direct research projects aimed at identifying the most suitable people to hold top positions within the "organizations".



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Our consulting

The team provides personalized assistance in areas relevant to labor and social security consultancy, including pensions and trade union relations, also supporting our clients in the internal management of human resources by applying time management strategies as well as the preparation for business intelligence; in particular, the team deals with business analysis, cost optimization, budgeting and reporting, coaching and management of the corporate environment, corporate crisis management and outgoing flexibility tools, welfare and privacy regulations and expatriates.

Executive search and human capital

The team shares Temporary Management projects alongside the clients in order to better understand the characteristics to be identified on the best possible shortlist of interested TMs (candidates). In particular, the team deals with the analysis of the company environment and organizational culture, as well as assessment of skills, job analysis, assessment center, skills development, career management, performance evaluation and MBO (i.e. management by objectives).